FAQs about Adbond and its packages

From Interchange (after Redemption Camp) to the location is just 25 minutes and from the main road to the site is 10 minutes from the aforementioned 25 minutes… When you come in from other states, interchange is the connecting centre and from interchange to the site is 25 minutes.

Deed of Assignment is the document used in processing the perfection of the land’s title documents

We do have site inspection on Thursdays and clients are meant to register and pay their choice initial payment plan such as ₦31,583 or ₦5,000 refundable deposit. The initial payment depends on the plan being package choice. Why to cut off those whose intent is window shopping and not business.

Adbond is an Agro to Home project development company and its Co-Founded by Oluwagbemiga Adekoya & His Team. The company is a Limited Liability Company registered under CAC as far back as Oct 20th, 2016.

Yes, there are other locations: At Aro Eere for ₦950,000 per Plot

All our lands are situated in Agro to Home (Homestead) environments where people are already living with abundance of land mass

We have Agro Developers that would help in managing the Agro property for the Harvest Cycle while on subsequent harvests, they take 30% of the returns on harvest as their reward and hence, the name Adbond Harvest

  • Deed of Assignment
  • Contact of Sales
  • Provisional and Registered Survey
  • e-Receipt

A Plot of land is 648sqm & An Acre is 3600sqm.